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The Holy Grail

(Focus: No quick fix, changes take time, manage your expectations) Now if you know anything about me you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Indiana Jones movies. In particular, my favorite is the third movie in the series: Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail.

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New Year, New Me

Focus: Creating lasting habits, setting goals, not getting overwhelmed by the new year  The fireworks have burnt out, the lights dimmed and you’re nursing the first grade A hangover of the year. Every January comes filled with a mixture of hope and the weight of

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Why We Host the CrossFit Level 4

We host the CrossFit Level 4 assessments at CrossFit Bermondsey! What is the CrossFit Level 4 Credential?The CrossFit Level 4 is the highest coaching credential you can achieve in the CrossFit space. It demonstrates a coaches ability is at the highest standard possible for a

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Create your own protein cheat sheet

You want to achieve your wildest dreams, whilst feeling strong and full of energy. Sweet! Let’s make eating protein second nature and then we’ll be flying! Often one of the biggest things that stops us from being consistent is the amount of energy it takes

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The language we use matters

Whether that’s the way you speak to yourself, you speak to others, or your coach speaks to you. I’ll often think hard about how I say things, with the goal of being clear and encouraging. I do my best to help build people up instead

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Ever feel overwhelmed and not sure why?

Ever feel like you’re just really angry at everything? For no good reason? That was me from Friday and especially from Sunday. I had a great, solid, productive, fun week last week. But that also meant busy, social, and intense. I had some work bits

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Why Does Having Flexibility and Stability Matter? | MyLife Podcast

There’s a lot of talk of flexibility, stretching, mobility, stability which all sounds really great!A lot of our members spend time stretching after their CrossFit class, trying to gain extra mobility which is amazing, and is definitely something that if you’re training regularly, lifting weights,

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