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How Do I Get Better At…….

Getting better at something, a specific movement, a skill, a lift; Isn’t always about just doing more.Generally, the best way to get better at something is by doing it better. How do you do it better? By following a structured plan, that progresses over time,

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How Do Progressions and Drills Help Me Get Better?

In our CrossFit classes and Personal Training sessions at CrossFit Bermondsey, we spend a lot of time working through progressions and drills for a lot of the movements that we do. We take time and effort to teach, guide and show our members how and

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Why Do We Practice with a PVC Pipe?

We do a lot of drills and progressions in our CrossFit group classes at CrossFit Bermondsey. We place a big focus on technique first, and doing less, with more quality. We help our members improve and nail down their foundation of technique before we add

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Why Is Perfect Movement What We Aim For?

The way we approach training at CrossFit Bermondsey is from the angle of doing less, with more quality. More quality means we’re always looking to do things correctly, aiming for perfect, before adding load, speed and intensity. Here’s why that is important, how that helps

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How to Breathe and Brace When You Lift

Bracing, or squeezing your abs, gives your spine stability when you’re lifting. Regardless of what lift or movement that is, it helps you stabilise by creating strength at your core, which allows you to transfer that power into whatever movement you’re doing! Breathing and bracing

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How to Properly Grip the Bar

Your connection to any piece of equipment, whether it’s a barbell, dumbell or your grip on the pull up bar is the foundation, and starting point for everything. If this isn’t exactly where it needs to be, then it makes getting everything else right, incredibly

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How Much Chalk, Is Too Much Chalk?

Chalk is helpful, that is for sure! But how much chalk do you actually need to use? And at what point are you heading over to the chalk bucket because you saw someone else doing it or you needed a break? Coach Tom talks us

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Why do I keep ripping my hands?

A common occurance seen in CrossFit classes is hands ripping, which of course is less than ideal, leaves you with a hole in your hands for a few weeks as well as a painful process – Turns out, you use your hands quite a lot

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BMDSY 2023 CrossFit Open

It’s that time of year again…..It’s the CrossFit Open! What is the CrossFit Open?In CrossFits’ words: The CrossFit Open is a three-week international competition where anyone — regardless of fitness level or ability — can compete in the biggest fitness competition in history Read more

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